There are three systems of public financing of dental care in Norway: the law on dental service, the law on social services and the law on the national insurance scheme. The law on dental health services section 1-3. (The scope of the public dental service), referring to the groups that the public dental health service should provide a regular schedule and outreach offerings to.

These groups are: a. children and youth from birth up to and including the year in which they complete 18 years of age (the treatment, with the exception of the Orthodontists, is free of charge) B. mentally handicapped in and outside of the institution (the treatment, with the exception of the Orthodontists, is free of charge) c. groups of elderly, long-term ill and disabled people in institutional care and home care (free treatment after 3 months) d. youth who reaches the age of 19 or 20 years in the processing year (paying 25 percent of the public valuation) E. other groups such as the County has decided to prioritize. The groups (A-E) are listed in order of priority. If the resources are not sufficient for the offers to all the groups to this priority be followed. Preventive measures take precedence over processing.

Other provisions which give the right to oral health services:

Persons who due to a drug problem have received services for social service law in 3 months or more (Appendix 2), and persons under medically assisted treatment (LET) (Appendix 3)
Prisoners. Offer of dental health survey as well as the necessary prevention and regular dental care to the inmates with stay no longer than three months. Please refer to the circular to the right of the page.
Residents of the State have the right to receive dental treatment according to specific rules (Appendix 1).
National insurance scheme law provides specific groups full or partial refund for dental health services. All dental treatment that is given to the benefit are the exception provisions.

The main rule is that the patients over 20 years even pays for the treatment they need.

The national insurance scheme benefits for dental care is limited in relation to the benefits to other medical treatment. See the insurance law § 5-6 (dentist’s help).

How to get benefits for dentistry?

The dentist will decide whether you are entitled to benefits. Pray therefore the dentist consider this. It is HELFO who pays any benefits.
Most dentists have an agreement on direct confrontation with HELFO. This means that the dentist even submit any claim for benefit and it is he / she who receive the benefit directly to him.

In dentists direct settlement need not publish the part of the treatment as national insurance by HELFO refund.

If the dentist does not have an agreement on direct settlement, you must first pay the entire treatment to the dentist. The dentist then fills out a form for you if he / she considers that you are entitled to benefits. The form must sign and send to HELFO after the treatment.

Remember when that form must be submitted before the expiry of six months after the individual dentist consultation.

For consuming dentistry that extends over several sessions, for example by greater prosthetic work is counted six-month deadline from the last treatment date. But you need not wait until all dentistry is performed. Requirements can be sent consecutively HELFO.

The size of the benefit

The benefit is awarded for fixed tariffs depending on which treatment is given. The dentist, however, free to have their own prices, and any shims between the dentist price and national tariffs must cover themselves.

Exemption card

Some dental expenses are also covered by the exemption card arrangement fee group 2. Which dental diseases this applies, you can read more about in the article on exemption card for user fee 2. Receipts for such deductibles you get from the dentist.

Once you have reached the deductible ceiling submit application and receipts to HELFO. Valid deductibles for dentistry can be merged with deductibles at other healthcare included in fee group 2 scheme.

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