Is it safe for you to do as you please in the community? You may have even experienced that others shake their heads over the things you say or have done, or slaps you when you succeed with something. A society is based on a number of values and have certain norms that should guide us in the socialization.

Great community draws up the formal norms through law. But there are also more informal norms, which can be set up under the custom and good manners, or who turns out by the fact that the community is reacting to unacceptable behavior.
The standards serve as rules we should try to live by, and linked to the positive or negative sanctions. You’ve probably even experienced to get rewarded for things you have done that has been perceived as positive, or have been scolded for things that are perceived negatively from the environment.


Norms are included in the society’s ethics and forms the basis of the values the community builds on the. Throughout history, there have been developed various codes of conduct.

Many build their value based on the rule of ethics, in which the idea that “honesty lasts longest” is consistently. Still others indulge in more to what we call the sinnelags ethics, where it is the purpose behind our actions and words that are most important. Multiple actions in violation of, perhaps, with the above mentioned code of business conduct and defines the purpose of the actions that, most importantly, where “the goal justifies the asset”.

Consider how you even arguments out from the ethical guidelines of the various safety issues. Probably your ethical argumentation will vary between the different issues you have to deal with.