The municipality will give foreigners training in Norwegian (250 hours) and social studies (50 hours), for a total of 300 hours. The training in social studies is to be given in a language that the participant understands. Norwegian education shall be provided on the Norwegian. The scheme will give foreign investors the opportunity to participate in the world of work. Conducted training is a prerequisite for getting permanent residence (permanent residence) and citizenship.

It’s going to be worked out an individual plan for those who will be participating. The plan will take the starting point in the individual’s training needs. Participants who have the right to free education shall have the option of further free tuition in Norwegian (in up to 2 700 hours) if there is a need for that. the municipality may require that it is being carried out tests to determine whether there is a need for training in excess of 300 hours.

Teaches Norwegian for migrant workers level 1, level 2 and level 3.