Both TV and internet must abonneneres on. Some workplaces have TV in common and trådløstnternett available. Norway Post is responsible for postal service in Norway.

In your home, it may be TV and internet included in the rent. Otherwise it can be ordered from Norwegian operators.

Examples of telecommunications and internet service providers:

– Telenor
Canal Digital
Office package

Norway Post is responsible for postal service in Norway. Postal services and basic banking services should be available in all municipalities in Norway. Post offices are organized differently from place to place, either as a post office or in-store.

Among the services provided by Posten are:
• Sale of envelopes.
• Sale of stamps to letters, postcards and small parcels.
Sending a registered letter.
Sending letters, postcards and packages.
Sending international reply coupon or prepayment of postage reply.
• Transmission of insured letter.
Retrieval of packages and registered letters.
Fetching ordered tickets for cultural events.

Opening for Post varies from place to place. The places where it is in-store, the Post the same opening hours as the store.

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