Anyone who is registered in Norway have a ellevesifret personal identification number that identifies them. who can be assigned personal identification number? Everyone who is born in Norway. All that immigrant to Norway. Norwegian citizens born abroad who need a passport. If the parents are not registered in Norway, your child will still get a Norwegian identity number. The parents then have to even make contact with the local tax office to report the names and to get a birth certificate of the child. Personal identification number consists of 11 digits and is used to identify you. Where the terms and conditions for the birth number allocation has not been met can D-number is assigned. Private individuals, educational institutions, employers, organizations, etc. can not commandeer the D-number itself. They have to apply to an approved requisitioner out from what needs they have.

To the internal revenue service to commandeer the D-number for you, you’ll have to meet up in person at the tax office.


Are you moving from overseas to Norway, you’ll have to meet up in person at a tax office within 8 days after you have arrived. You have to show your passport and, where appropriate, a residence permit.


  • Anyone who moves to Norway from abroad, regardless of age and citizenship, and who intend to reside in the country for at least 6 months, have to notify change of address:
  • You need to fill out the “notice of change of address from abroad”, bring the completed form and meet in person at any Tax Office to report the move to Norway within 8 days after you have arrived in Norway

When you show up at the tax office , you need to have a passport or other photo identification that shows citizenship. It must be the picture of you on the credentials.

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  • Flytting fra andre land til Norge betegnes som innvandring.